At A1, we value and appraise the performances and efforts of all our employees and partners.
We build on our long-term mission and place a strong focus on growing our customer satisfaction, under uncompromising values: maintain a high standard of business ethics, integrity, honesty, respect, and commitment to performance.

We believe in a transparent and ethical working environment, we believe only in teamwork as the only team we succeed. We are focused on becoming TOP convenience Interior Decoration company, in offering every day to our customer a unique experience.

Vikram Jit Singh

General Manager

 “At A1 Interior, we are passionate about Interior Design. Our practice is built upon strong values, enduring client relationships, innovative design and a great team of people.

We transform vision and ideas into reality, shaping environments that educate, heal, house and entertain. We are fortunate to be in this profession.

“We just love what we do.”

Jamsheer Abdulkareem

Business Development Manager


Senior Operation Manager

Surinder Kumar

Senior Project Manager

Ian S Johnston

Design & Production

Amit Seth

Senior Operation manager